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• 9/30/2018

[SPOILER] What's up with the final plan to kill the Messiah?

So ... in the end they disguise Kiroumaru in order to get him killed by the Messiah. After the disguise falls off and the Messiah realized he just killed a rat the death feedback kicks in because the Messiah thinks he himself is a rat. So he dies.

But if the Messiahs death feedback is locked in on rats why didn't they just cover for Kiroumaru by picking off the surrounding rats and let Kiroumaru kill the Messiah directly? Because the Messiah can't use his Cantus against him. Why wasn't THAT the obvious plan instead of having him sacrifice himself?

The best case scenario with this plan would've been: The surrounding rats get killed by Saki and Satoru with Cantus. The Messiah is helpless against Kiroumaru because his death feedback and attack lock prevents him from harming him. Kiroumaru can effortlessly kill the Messiah.

And EVEN IF the Messiah somehow overrides his attack lock and kills Kiroumaru, he would just die from death feedback since we know at least that works. So basically the outcome we actually got.

It makes no sense that they would jump to the conclusion that Kiroumaru has to sacrifice himself without first considering the obvious fact: The Messiah can't kill him under normal circumstances!

Am I missing something or did the author simply want a tragic martyrdom for Kiroumaru and was willing to sweep a much more obvious solution under the rug for that?

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• 5/5/2018

What wiped out the giant hornets?

Well I want to know what or who wiped out the Giant hornets i that battle since it couldn't have been Messiah.
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• 9/12/2017

Tomiko Asahina's Age Needs Updating

Her page has her age as 267. This is correct when Saki and the kids were 14. At the time of her death, which takes place 12 years later, she is 279.
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• 8/21/2017

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• 2/22/2016

page title casing

I'm proposing sentence casing on page titles instead of Title Casing (except when the page title is a proper title on itself e.g. the series title).
This is because in paragraphs, it is awkward, not to mention inconsistent, to have the first occurrence of the term in Title Case, and then in lower case for the rest of the article. Sure, you can specify an alternate text for the links, but it is counter-intuitive and defeats the purpose of wikitext just to change one letter to lower case.
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• 2/21/2016

Reconciling the manga version

First and foremost, hello everyone! This is my first forum post here!Now I'll get straight to the point.
I'm not very sure how we can reconcile the manga version of the story, which are remarkedly different from the novel and anime, and blend it into this wiki without removing the distinction.
My suggestion is be to always write information from the manga in its own paragraph in any section, which should always start with "In the manga..." or something. The alternative is to lump all manga information in its own "In the manga" section.
A case in point is the difference in narration of the world history between novel/anime and manga, particularly regarding Boy A Incident. Its hard to incorporate stuff from the manga without breaking the narrative from the novel/anime.
Another case is relationship matrix. The manga's version is totally different. For example, Saki has more interaction with Reiko, while in the novel/anime it's almost only a passing mention.
I anticipate hardly anyone is going to come by and read this, so I'm targeting this mainly to the admin. I'd appreciate some feedback on this. Thanks.
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