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Season of the Young Leaves
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Kanji 若葉の季節
Rōmaji Wakaba no Kisetsu
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Volume Volume 01
Chapter Chapter 01
Release date October 9, 2012
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N/A 02. Out of the Holy Barrier
For the anime episode, see Episode 01: The Season of New Leaves.

Season of the Young Leaves (若葉の季節 Wakaba no Kisetsu) is the first chapter of the Shin Sekai Yori manga series.


The story starts with a small introduction of Kamisu and District 66, then continues with a scene of Saki Watanabe and her five friends, Satoru Asahina, Maria Akizuki, Shun Aonuma, Mamoru Itou and Reiko Amano. Saki's mother gives the children a few snacks by using her telekinesis and Saki hands them out by throwing them at her friends, in order for them to catch the snacks.

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