Crimson Wasp
Crimson Wasp
Kanji 赤雀蜂
Rōmaji Aka Suzumebachi
First Appearance
Novel Part I: Chapter 03

Crimson Wasp (赤雀蜂 Aka Suzumebachi) is one of the in-world creatures of Shin Sekai Yori. They make an appearance in the novel and anime.


Crimson wasps are huge wasps in shining red armor. They are a hybrid of the fierce giant hornet and the brown hornet. They prey exclusively on harmful insects while leaving humans and livestock alone.[1]


The Crimson Wasps are mentioned in a story Saki Watanabe remembers about a class trip during Harmony School. They are used on the Lotus Farms to protect various fields from insects and prevent damage to the crops. Just like most of the animals on this farm, they were manipulated through cantus to become useful for the humans.[1]

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