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Doctor Tsuchida
Gender Male
Species Human
Occupation Doctor
Status Deceased
Voice Actors
Japanese N/A
First Appearance
Novel Part IV: Chapter 02
Anime 12. The Weakest Link

Doctor Tsuchida was a doctor, featured in a story told by Tomiko Asahina, who saved the world from K by injecting him with potassiun cyanide that killed him, but not before K retaliated by blowing the doctor's head off.


The doctor's appearance isn't described in detail, but from the fact that he's in the hospital at working hours he would have worn a doctor's attire.

Biography & History

As K terrorized the town, Doctor Tsuchida and a few other medical staff remained in the hospital, treating those who were ill and those injured in the ensuing chaos. On the second day, K, after hours of nonstop massacre, caught a cold and proceeded to the hospital. Presumably the other staff fled, but the doctor remained in his room to attend K. Perhaps to keep her safe, the doctor asked Tomiko Asahina, who was a nurse at the time, to fetch some antibiotics somewhere in the hospital, away from his room. After examining K, he proceeded to procure a potassium cyanide capsule, mixing its contents in water, all the while telling K it was a cold medicine. He then proceeded to inject the solution into K. A loud scream was heard from the room, as the poison worked itself on K. He retaliated by blowing Doctor Tsuchida's head off, painting the whole room crimson red with blood, to the horror of Tomiko who watched from the outside.

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