The Vanishing Children
Episode 02.jpg
English The Season of New Leaves
Kanji 消えゆく子ら
Rōmaji Kieyuku Kora
Release October 6, 2012
Running Time 23 Minutes
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01. The Season of New Leaves 03. The False Minoshiro

The Vanishing Children (消えゆく子ら Kieyuku Kora) is the second episode of the Shin Sekai Yori anime series. It first aired in Japan, on October 6, 2012.

Short Summary

Saki and her friends take part together in a ball tournament where they must control small clay dolls with their power. Her team defeats several opponents until the final match when one of the members of the opposing team breaks the rules, ending the match in a draw. After the tournament the same student is never seen again.

Detailed Summary

Important Events

  • The group first comes in contact with Monster Rats.
  • Disappearance of Manabu Katayama.

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