Summer Darkness
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English Summer Darkness
Kanji 夏闇
Rōmaji Natsuyami
Release November 10, 2012
Running Time 23 Minutes
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Summer Darkness (夏闇 Natsuyami) is the seventh episode of the Shin Sekai Yori anime series. It first aired in Japan, on November 10, 2012.

Short Summary

The Giant Hornet colony arrives and annihilates the Ground Spiders, and Satoru agrees to accompany the Giant Hornet leader Kiroumaru to the Ground Spiders' nest, where they are attacked by the Ground Spiders' commander. Satoru suspects that Kiroumaru may have received an order to kill him and Saki, so they flee through the forest, guided through a shortcut by Squealer. Upon arriving at the river, they are reunited with their friends. As they are returning to town, they once again encounter Kiroumaru, who helps them by towing their canoes behind his ship. A little while later, Saki restores Shun's telepathic powers and offers to help the others restore theirs.

Detailed Summary

Important Events

  • Annihilation of the Ground Spider Colony.
  • First official appearance of Kiroumaru.

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