Scarlet Flower
Episode 18.png
English Scarlet Flower
Kanji 紅い花
Rōmaji Akai Hana
Release February 02, 2013
Running Time 23 Minutes
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17. Footsteps of Destruction 19. Darkness

Scarlet Flower (紅い花 Akai Hana) is the eighteenth episode of the Shin Sekai Yori anime series. It first aired in Japan, on February 02, 2013.

Short Summary

An investigation is conducted regarding the demise of the Giant Hornets, but finds no conclusive evidence of how the Robber Flies were able to defeat their superior opponents with such ease; however, the lack of damage to weapons on the battlefield point to the possibility that a human's telekinesis was used in the battle. The council decides unanimously to wipe out the Robber Fly colony. Shisei Kaburagi, the security council adviser and a powerful monk, suspects that Maria and Mamoru are behind the attack, but Tomiko dismisses this with the revelation that Maria and Mamoru's bones were recovered and DNA testing proved that both of them are dead. This news shocks Saki, who Satoru later comforts. Despite some concerns over the matter with the Monster Rats and one council member's desire to postpone it, a planned summer festival is held in the village. On the night of the festival, the Monster Rats stage a surprise attack on the village. Satoru and Saki are caught in the commotion but they are saved by Kaburagi, who uses his great telekinetic powers to drive away the enemy. With many casualties and the village in state of emergency after the attack, Tomiko swears she will make Yakomaru pay dearly for his treason.

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