The Face of the Boy
Episode 23.png
English The Face of the Boy
Kanji 少年の顔
Rōmaji Shōnen no Kao
Release March 9, 2013
Running Time 23 Minutes
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22. Tokyo 24. Torchlight in the Darkness

The Face of the Boy (少年の顔 Shōnen no Kao) is the twenty-third episode of the Shin Sekai Yori anime series. It first aired in Japan on March 9, 2013.

Short Summary

As Saki's group continues to make their way through the treacherous tunnels of Tokyo, they came across a underground river hidden within the caves. They split into two groups: One group with Satoru and Kiroumaru to drive away their pursuers and the other group with Saki and Inui to retrieve the submarine so that can continue their mission through the river. While making their way to the Psychobuster, they were attacked by a giant ragworm. Inui sacrifices his life so that Saki can continue on with her mission. After retrieving the Psychobuster from an abandoned building, she takes off towards the sun at daybreak. As she runs past the dilapidated scene of Tokyo, she is finally able to recall her last conversation with Shun. With her lost memories restored, an image of Shun appears before her.

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