Torchlight in the Darkness
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English Torchlight in the Darkness
Kanji 闇に燃えし篝火は
Rōmaji Yami ni Moeshi Kagaribi wa
Release March 16, 2013
Running Time 23 Minutes
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23. The Face of the Boy 25. From the New World

Torchlight in the Darkness (闇に燃えし篝火は Yami ni Moeshi Kagaribi wa) is the twenty-fourth episode of the Shin Sekai Yori anime series. It first aired in Japan on March 16, 2013.

Short Summary

Kiroumaru finds Saki and informs her that Satoru is slightly injured while they were separated. The colony general then decides that they should lure the fiend and counterattack. Satoru and Saki wait in a tunnel as Kiroumaru leaves to lure the fiend out. As the latter enters the tunnel, Satoru sets a mirror in front of her. The fiend looks confused momentarily, then screams and tries to attack them. To protect Saki, Satoru ends up throwing the Psychobuster at the enemy, but Saki incinerates the Psychobuster with fire before it can infect both the fiend and Satoru, as she could not bear to lose her last remaining close friend. Failing to defeat the fiend, Kiroumaru appears and quickly distracts her as they escape. The group hides in a corner of the tunnels as they anticipate Yakomaru's next move. Yakomaru offers to negotiate with Saki's group but his true motive is to discover their position through their voices. Saki then subconsciously remembers what Shun said, that the child may not be a fiend after all, and realizes that they had a way to defeat the fiend all along.

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