False Minoshiro

False Minoshiro

Copy False Minoshiro

Kanji ミノシロモドキ
Rōmaji Minoshiro Modoki
First Appearance
Manga N/A
Anime 03. The False Minoshiro
Novel Part I: Chapter 06 (Forest)
Part IV: Chapter 07 (Second)

The use of defensive light hypnosis by terminal machines is sanctioned under ordinance 488722, Item 5. Please cease your destructive activity immediately

False Minoshiro or Pseudo-Minoshiro (ミノシロモドキ Minoshiro Modoki) is one of the in-world creatures of Shin Sekai Yori. They make an appearance in the novel, manga and anime.


The false minoshiros are man-made automatons modeled after the Minoshiro, which itself evolved rapidly, due to cantus, from a sea slug species. Their only known use is to house copies of the archive of the previous government's libraries. Two false minoshiros were known to be directly encountered in the story, though a third false minoshiro is hinted to be captured by the queerats.

Forest Minoshiro

Panasonic Automotive Archive, Autonomous Evolution version SE-778H Lambda: The Minoshiro is a quadruped the size of a small dog and is believed to have evolved from sea slugs. Its body appears to shimmer with rainbow colors. The spines on its back shiver as it walks, making a bell-like sound. When faced with a foe, the spines on its back will lengthen to the head while emitting a light that hypnotizes the attacker, allowing the Minoshiro to escape unharmed.

Second Minoshiro

Toshiba Solar Autonomous Archive, ver. SP-SPTA-6000: The second False Minoshiro is about fifty centimeters long and resembles a sea roach. It has a shell on its back made of parallel, overlapping plates inlayed with dark blue stripes. Unlike the Forest Minoshiro, it does not have a single feeler on its back and does not look anything like a true Minoshiro.[1]

Queerat's Minoshiro

It is hinted in the novel, and briefly shown in the manga, that a forest false minoshiro was captured by the Robber Fly queerat colony, and furthermore that the colony's commander Squealer has been using it to extract information, particularly regarding human technologies from the Golden Age.[2] Satoru theorizes that their hypnosis self-defence was only effective towards humans and that the queerats aren't affected.

Operating Tutorial

"April 11, year 129. Collected from excavated underground storage room No. 4 at the foot of Mt. Tsukuba. Model number: Toshiba Solar Autonomous Archive, version SP-SPTA-6000. Operating instructions and notes:
  • 1) The unit must be placed in sunlit area to charge battery before powering on. After long periods of storage, required charging time is minimum six hours under strong sunlight. Battery may drain fully if used in dim areas for extended periods of time.
  • 2) To return the unit to hibernation mode, give the verbal command and ensure that the activity indicator lamp is turned off, then store the unit in a dark place.
  • 3) When placed in security mode, the unit will obey commands, but may attempt to hypnotize you and escape when given the chance. You must be more wary of it than you are of wild animals.
  • 4) The unit was designed with long-lasting and age-resistant materials, but its ability to self-repair has reached its limits. Replacement parts are probably no longer available as the model is quite old.
  • 5) There appears to be a faulty spot in the electronic circuit. Repair is impossible. When the unit begins to malfunction, power it down temporarily to prevent overheating.
  • 6) As most of the information contained in the unit is class four, please exercise extreme caution when operating the unit. Under Ethics Committee regulations, all autonomous archives are to be destroyed immediately upon discovery, so knowledge of the existence of this unit must be kept strictly within library personnel.".[1]


The forest false minoshiro is discovered by the Group One members during their summer camp nearby the ruins of the Tsukuba Shrine. The false minoshiro evades capture thanks to its hypnosis, but Saki Watanabe, the only one unaffected, concludes that the sunglasses she wears blocked its effects. Corralling some Tiger Crabs, they manage to capture it, but once again its hypnosis renders all but Saki immobile. She demanded that the hypnosis attack is stopped, pulling off its spines one by one as a threat. The false minoshiro pleads her to cease her 'destructive action' and eventually releases the others from hypnosis.
The Minoshiro introduces itself as "The Tsukuba branch of the National Assembly Library". As the group asks for information on what and who they are, it interprets the situation to a request for further introduction, thus mentioning the name "Panasonic Automotive Archive, Autonomous Evolution version SE-778H Lambda", referring to its model and version. When asked for the location of the books, it explains that all paper based print interfaces have either decomposed, or have been lost through wars or other destructive activity and that no remaining existences have been confirmed, making the group believe it is an empty library. However, the Minoshiro then tells them that all information is archived in 890PB (petabytes) of holographic memory, meaning the contents of the books (All 38,242,506 volumes published in Japan since 2129 AD and 671,630 reference volumes in English as well as other languages) are stored inside of it, and can be accessed at any time. Realizing that they could ask every question they wanted, Satoru and Maria each blurt out an irrelevant question - Why there are so many toads around the area and why the Minoshiro looks like this if it is a library - until Shun asks it if Fiends and Karma Demons really exist.[3]
The false minoshiro is destroyed in mid-sentence by Rijin, a priest emeritus from the Temple of Purity, but the false minoshiro manages to plant a slow death feedback to him with the holographic image of a mother holding a child, confirming the myth told by Satoru.


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