Glow Worms
Kanji ツチボタル
Rōmaji Tsuchibotaru
First Appearance
Novel Part II: Chapter 04

Glowworms (ツチボタル Tsuchibotaru) are one of the in-world creatures of Shin Sekai Yori. They make an appearance in the novel and anime.


Evidence of glowworms dating back to ancient times was found in caves in Australia and New Zealand. Although they are called worms, they are more closely related to flies and mosquitoes. The larvae nest on the ceiling, using sticky balls of mucus to trap other insects for food. The light they produce is used to attract prey, but also creates the impression of a galaxy of green stars as it bounces off the balls of mucus.[1]
Glowworms originally did not exist in the Japanese archipelago, but were imported as fishing bait shortly before the collapse of the ancient civilization. A number of them survived and were modified by the Monster Rats to be used as chandeliers in their reception halls.[1]


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