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Harmony School is one of the three elementary schools in Kamisu 66, where children are required to start going to school at age six. There are two other similar schools called Friendship and Morality.


Harmony School is in a quiet location a little ways away from the town center on the southern edge of Hayring. It is a one-story structure made of dark, polished wood in the shape of an A. The front entrance is the crossbar of the A. After entering, the first thing one sees is the phrase "Cherish Harmony" framed on the wall. It is the first article in the Seventeen-article Constitution written by a sage from the ancient times called Prince Shoutoku. It means to build everything on harmony. That is where the name of the school comes from.
Along the side of the entrance are faculty rooms and classrooms. More classrooms are lined up on the right arm of the A. Although the number of people at school, faculty included, are no more than a hundred fifty, there are over twenty classrooms. The administration wing is on the left and students are not allowed to enter.
In the yard in front of the building are a sports field, jungle gyms and other playground equipment, and an enclosure for animals students raise animals such as chickens, ducks, rabbits, hamsters and more. The students take turns caring for the animals. In the corner of the yard stands a white, wooden instrument box. Apart from in the administration wing, there are no windows that look out onto the courtyard - a place forbidden for students to enter.
Starting in the morning, students have math, language, social studies, science and other classes, but the teachers keep an eye on all of them to make sure they all understand the material, and patiently explain it to those who need help, so there is never anyone left behind. At the same time, there are also a lot of tests, one every three days, but most of them are not related to what the students are learning. For example, there are short essays with topics like "I'm sad, because...". Additionally, there are more difficult self-expression assignments, including drawing and clay-sculpting. Just like in our world, children in Harmony school have two days off during the weekend.[1]

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