Haruka Sakai
Rōmaji Haruka Sakai
Gender Female
Species Human, Karma Demon[1]
Status Deceased[2]
Voice Actors
Japanese N/A
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 16

Haruka Sakai (酒井 遥 Sakai Haruka) is a manga exclusive supporting character of the Shin Sekai Yori series. She is a first grade student in Sage Academy along with Sho Niima (Haruka's partner) [3] who was later discovered to be in development of turning into a Karma Demon.


Haruka is a young, skinny girl with chin-length salmon hair and icy blue eyes. When she is first introduced, she wears a traditional festival kimono with a vibrant flower pattern, featuring an also flower patterned obi. On the right side of her head, she wears a big flower as accessories.

She is later on seen in a different outfit, which consists of bright, olive green hot-pants and a white shirt that is cut open beneath her big breasts to expose her belly, and separated by a dark red cloth band, while the shirt reaches down at the sides like a jacket. The edges of that shirt show bright red lines. On top of it, she wears a small, dark blue cape with white seams, as well as white cotton that covers the bottom sides and surrounds the neck of Haruka at the top. Additionally, she wears soft lavender colored boots, which reach up to her thighs [4].


Unable to fight her leaking cantus any longer, Haruka eventually finally turns into a full Karma Demon, whereupon Sho Niima confesses and promises to her that he will always stay by her side, no matter if both of them are to turn into monsters. They are supposedly executed by the Monster Rats right afterwards (Chapter 22: "A Life Abandoned"). It is then revealed that, to protect Sho and the others, Haruka blocked the attack of the Monster Rats and forced Sho into unconsciousness before she gets the chance to commit suicide by drowning herself in the ocean [5].


  • The name Haruka means "distant, remote" (遥).
    • It can also mean "spring" (春) or "clear weather" (晴) (haru) and "flower, blossom" (花) or "fragrance" (香) (ka).
  • Haruka's surname Sakai means "alcohol" (酒) (saka) and "well, mine shift, pit" (井) (i).


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