Haruka and Sho
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Haruka Sakai Sho Niima
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Relationship Uncertain
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Haruka and Sho is a pairing including Haruka Sakai and Sho Niima, which makes an official appearance in the manga of Shin Sekai Yori.


Surprisingly, Haruka once again returns, when Saki is about to be attacked by the Monster Rats, as she controls a swarm of mutant bats to protect her friend against the enemies. Although having a big hole in her arm, she appears strong enough to control her leaking cantus for a moment, whereupon she looks down on Sho, who appears to be lifeless, due to the shot he seemingly received from one of the Monster Rats.[1]
The two of them are then seen together in a world that appears to exist in the mind of Sho. Both of them have returned to their usual appearances and sit together at a beach, directly in front of the ocean. Curiously, Haruka tries to reassure herself on Sho's love for her, but instead has her own feelings questioned. Embarrassed, Haruka realizes that she has never expressed her feelings for Sho before, whereupon she openly tells him that she has always loved him, just like Sho has. The fresh lovers laugh with each other while talking about how weird and good it feels at the same time to have finally said it, and how they would have done so earlier if hey had known that feelings. Happily, Sho says that is does not matter, as they will always be together from now on. However, Haruka denies that statement and replies that they cannot do that, as Sho has to keep living. All of a sudden, Sho remembers what actually happened when the Monster Rat targeted him; Before it had the chance to kill him, Haruka, who had not died from her own shot, reversed the bullet for her lover and killed the rat, whereupon she forced Sho to lose consciousness with her cantus. Happy about being able to talk to him one last time, Haruka jokingly says that this is his punishment for bullying her the whole time, and that she will not let him die with her for that. She then prances over to her boyfriend, giving him their first and last kiss they would ever share. Upon breaking the kiss, she once again tells him that he loves him and wishes him a happy life, while simultaneously walking into the depths of the ocean, to vanish for eternity.[1]

Important Moments


Quotes from Sho:

  • "There is no way I can say it! If I said it... She'd figure me out! Just how I felt whenever I insulted her... How happy I feel when I'm with her... She'd figure it all out... I can't let that happen! Then things won't be the same between us anymore!" - Sho thinking about Haruka while battling the Monster Rats to protect her (Chapter 22: "A Life Abandoned", Page 13)
  • "I love you, Haruka! I love you! So please don't die! I'm sorry for insulting you all the time... I just couldn't tell you how I really felt... So...! Even if... We can never go back to how we were before... I'll turn into a monster as long as I can be with you! I have no reason to live in a world without you! I love you, Haruka! I love you!" - Sho finally confessing to Haruka after she has turned into a Karma Demon (Chapter 22: "A Life Abandoned", Pages 33-35)


Haruka: "Hey... Sho. Do you really love me?"
Sho: "Ugh..."
Haruka: "Hey! Say it again! Come on!"
Sho: "NO!"
Haruka: "Come oooon, please!"
Sho: "H-How do you feel?! About me, I mean!"
Haruka: "Huh? How do I... OH. Wait, do you mean like... Uh... Did I... never say it before...? N-No way! I see... Wah... Sho...! ...I... I always loved you!"
Sho: "I also... love you."
Haruka: "W...Whoa... What's going on here?!"
Sho: "I dunno, but it's pretty crazy... Phew, if I had known how nice this felt, I would have told you sooner."
Haruka: "Yeah... but I don't know if... My heart could take it..."
Sho: "Haha! Well, whatever. We're gonna be together forever from now on, anyways."
Haruka: "...We can't... You're gonna have to keep living."
—Haruka and Sho talking about their feelings in the world of Sho's subconscious (Part 1) (Chapter 23: "What Must Be Done", Pages 17-21)

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