Kanji カヤノスヅクリ
Rōmaji Kayanosuzukuri
First Appearance
Novel Part I: Chapter 05

Haythatcher (カヤノスヅクリ Kayanosuzukuri) is one of the in-world creatures of Shin Sekai Yori. They make an appearance in the novel and anime.


Haythatchers have red, lidless eyes and scales cover their faces. The black lines running from the corner of their eyes make it obvious that they are no kind of bird. Most haythatchers are a blackish or greenish brown, but there are also some colored in other shades, for example light green, like a young sprout. Although their beaks are almost identical to a bird's, one could tell that the rest of them have not changed much from its predecessor, the yellow snake.[1]
The Haythatcher gets its name from the fact that it builds its nest in fields of silver grass, but in reality, it more often makes it out of reeds near riverbanks. They have to make a lot of nests, and do not raise their young, so their nests are always crude-looking. Most of them are really exposed, and as haythatchers just leave it the way it is once a nest is finished, the edges are usually pointy. Additionally, they have a habit of building multiple nests in the same area.[1]
The haythatcher's strategy for survival is brood parasitism - Brood parasitism involves the parasitic parent laying its eggs in another animal's nest. The egg hatches quickly, and the animal pushes the original eggs out of the nest. The haythatcher sets up its convincing fake nest and eggs, and waits for birds to fall into its trap. It periodically patrols its nests, looking for new tributes. It uses the Devil's Hand as a defense against rat snakes and rosary snakes.[1]
In order to crush eggs, its precaudal vertebrae are thicker than to other snakes', almost like a row of molars. It reuses the crushed eggshells as material for its own eggs. Because of the large amounts of calcium in its body, the eggs it lays are hard, like bird eggs, so baby haythatchers need beaks in order to break out.[1]


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