Izumi Kutegawa
Gender Female
Species Human / Karma Demon
Occupation Student
Status Deceased
Voice Actors
Japanese N/A
First Appearance
Novel Part IV: Chapter 02
Anime 12. The Weakest Link

Izumi Kutegawa (久手川 泉 Kutegawa Izumi) was a student who is featured in a story told by Tomiko Asahina where Izumi later turned into a Karma Demon.


Biography & History

Izumi's cantus contaminated everything in her surroundings as though it were some form of radioactivity. At that time, Izumi was the only child of a family of farmers who lived on the outskirts of Kogane Village. There at, beginning after the arrival of Izumi's Blessing Spirit when she entered puberty, deformities began appearing in the livestock at an abnormally high rate. Many of the crops became blighted as well and, at first, it was suspected this might be the result of a disease caused by some new kind of virus.

At Sage Academy too, everything in Izumi's surroundings to a distance of about ten meters underwent bizarre transformations. After a short time, desks and chairs ended up unusably deformed, and in the later stages, the surrounding walls and floors began bubbling and forming eyeball-like patterns, while protuberances like the mold called the "Devil's Whiskers" grew on one side creating a nightmare like scene.

The Ethics Committee and the Board of Education assembled specialists to begin an investigation. The result of that investigation, confirmation of the fact that the Bad Spill of Izumi's cantus could even damage human DNA, caused an uproar. She was immediately suspended from Sage Academy and forced to study the curriculum herself at home. However, during that time, the size of the area affected by her Bad Spill ended up becoming outrageously large. At one point, the gears within a clock tower six kilometers away from her suddenly twisted themselves into spirals, rendering the hands of the clock completely unable to move.

Another meeting was held. The result of that was the official acknowledgement that Izumi Kutegawa was suffering from Hashimoto-Appelbaum Syndrome, and the conclusion that as such, nothing could be done but to dispose of her as a Karma Demon. As the one in charge of the Ethics Committee, Tomiko had to face Izumi and convey that fact herself. But as it had already become too dangerous to approach her, they used a remotely operated puppet to exchange letters. Upon learning that the lives of many people were at risk because of her, Izumi herself suggested that she would cooperate in any plan to dispose of her.

Eventually, every living thing near Izumi ended up dying off. Although her parents and the farm workers had temporarily left Izumi behind to take refuge, they had been infected by a strange disease in which the entire body's muscular system rapidly changed into fiber, and had already passed away. However, Izumi was never told of that fact. Near the end, the farm buildings had morphed into an indefinite amoeba-like form that appeared as though it were oozing along, swallowing up everything along its perimeter.

At that far away point, Tomiko placed five pills atop a half melted table within the cabin by remote control. Along with them was a note explaining that they were a tranquilizer made to suppress the effects of the Bad Spill. Just one among them contained a lethal dose of poison. The instructions said for Izumi to take a dose of one pill each day. On the very first day, Izumi took all five pills. Being a very intelligent girl, she realized what was in the medicine. Assuming that to be true, she may have been afraid that her Bad Spill would cause the medicine to deteriorate, loosing it's effectiveness. However, she swallowed all of them at the same time, resulting in her death.[1]

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