Prior to the story, Kiroumaru had always been known as the general of the Giant Hornet colony. However, he only became famous for his excellent strategic skills after wiping out the Army Ant colony, which was known to be the strongest colony before the Giant Hornets. The Army Ant colony was over eighteen thousand strong, and praised as having the largest army. They excelled at siege warfare, and on this occasion had surrounded the Giant Hornets and set up camp. Near the end stage of the battle, the Army Ant general, Quikur, dispatched all but the queen's bodyguards. The colony was stationed only a few kilometers away from the Giant Hornets. They could only move above ground at this distance, and since their army was so big, the front line was already halfway there before the rear troops even left camp. Quikur decided to wait at the foot of the mountain for the rest of the soldiers to catch up. He assumed that the smaller Giant Hornet troops were hiding underground and dismissed the possibility of being attacked from the cliff that the locals call Greenwall. Kiroumaru led his elite team secretly up the mountain and plotted an ambush. The enemy was right below the cliff that everyone assumed was too steep to climb. However, Kiroumaru saw a gecko climbing across the bare rock, and said what would later become a famous quote, "Geckos have four legs, we also have four legs. If a gecko can climb this mountain, there is no reason we cannot."
Through this, Kiroumaru suddenly came into the spotlight. The first name the humans gave him was Kidoumaru (詭道丸), 詭 meaning 'deceptive', 奇 having connotations of 'strange, mysterious, magical', and 道 meaning 'way, method'. It therefore was a reference to his glorious strategies. It is unknown why he later received another name.[1]



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