Kanji 奇狼丸
Rōmaji Kiroumaru
Gender Male
Species Monster Rat
Occupation Colony Commander
Status Deceased
Voice Actors
Japanese Hiroaki Hirata
First Appearance
Novel Part II: Chapter 06

This will not take long, Gods.

Kiroumaru (奇狼丸 Kirōmaru) is the supreme commander of the Giant Hornets colony. He was formerly known under the title Kidoumaru (詭道丸), though it is unknown why he later became Kiroumaru instead.[1]


Even though Kiromaru is a Monster Rat, he does hardly resemble the others of his kind. He is taller than most humans and reported to be the tallest Monster Rat outside of the queens and the mutants. He has slanted, blue eyes and grayish colored fur with a head full of hair/mane. Instead of the common two front teeth of his kind, Kiroumaru has a long muzzle with sharp teeth. Kiroumaru wore a plate of armor before most other Monster Rats did. Resembling a human more than the others of his kind.
Just like every member of the Giant Hornet colony, Kiroumaru's body features tattoos. While most of his colony members only have a stripe bordering their faces, Kiroumaru is covered from his eyes to the bridge of his nose in complex arabesque patterns.[2] This feature was, however, not included in the anime version of Kiroumaru.


Kiromaru was best known for being the Giant Hornets' colony commander. Upon first meeting Saki and her friends, he showed nothing but respect towards them, even risking his life to assist them towards their destination.
It is shown he detested Squealer later in the series for setting up a branch of his colony for an ambush. He also showed hostility towards the fellow Monster Rats in front of the humans when they were being questioned about the unprovoked attack.
When the Giant Hornets colony soldiers were wiped out, he managed to survive by them throwing themselves in front of Kiroumaru, to allow him an escape route.
When Squealer led the strike against the human race, Kiroumaru stayed faithful, even saving a human's life and bringing him to the temple, despite being held a prisoner by the humans. Following, he offered to show Saki and her friends the way to Tokyo.


The second kanji in Kiroumaru (狼) means wolf. It is hinted that he received this name for his wolf-like muzzle.[2]


  • "How many do you think have been sacrificed to get you this far?" - (Source Unknown)
  • "In our society, there is a saying that goes, ‘complain to the grave worms when you are lying next to them.’ You are too fond of giving up. Our kind seeks to find a way to turn the tables until our dying moments. Though those efforts may be in vain, we lose nothing by trying." - (Source Unknown)
  • "Spare my mother." - (Source Unknown)
  • "You can doubt my loyalty. But believe this: my hatred for Yakomaru is very real. That brute imprisoned my queen, and I have no doubt she has been as ill-treated as I have. No matter what it takes, I'll rip Yakomaru limb from limb and rescue the queen. Right now, that is my only reason for living." - (Part V: Chapter 07)

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