Koufuu Hino
Kanji 日野光風
Rōmaji Hino Kōfū
Gender Male
Species Human
Status Deceased (Novel)[1], Deceased (Anime)
Voice Actors
Japanese Kishou Taniyama
English Rob Mungle
First Appearance

Silly fools. No, even fools could do better. Did you actually think you could kill us, the gods among gods, with such a pitiful strategy?

Koufuu Hino (日野 光風) is the representative of the Occupations Council.


Koufuu is a slightly overweight man with a bald head and thick lips.


Koufuu is, just like Shisei Kaburagi, a cantus master of incredible skill. He is able to use tactics like reversing the direction of the wind, as well as controlling other creatures with his cantus. Additionally, he is able to fluently speak the language of the Monster Rats. He occasionally expresses himself in a strange singing voice instead of actual talking and generally appears to have a careless nature.[1]


  • "Bad little rats, you betrayed us. What should I do? Rip out your tongues, and turn you inside out. String you up, turn you into jerky. Bad little rats that rebelled against humans. How should I punish you? Snap your bones, stretch you out, and pound you into patties?" - (Part V: Chapter 03)
  • "Uheeheehee. Even if they want to run, my rats won't spare them. But even with me controlling them, victory isn't guaranteed. I will be pissed if people think this is all I, Koufuu, am capable of. So let's kick it up a notch!" - (Part V: Chapter 03)


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