This page contains a list of all creatures known to reside in the world of Shin Sekai Yori.


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Queerats are one of the two dominant species in the series, and are considered to be an inferior race that was raised up by humans from naked mole rats.

Karma Demons

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Karma Demons were discovered before the fall of the ancient empire, and their name was a common term for severe cases of Hashimoto-Appelbaum syndrome. They are Cantus users who have lost control over their abilities.


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"Fiend" is a term invented in the final years of the ancient civilization to describe those suffering from Raman-Klogius syndrome, also known as "Fox in the Henhouse" syndrome.

Tainted Cat

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The Tainted Cat species originated from common domesticated cats, but were bred selectively with Cantus to increase their size and intelligence, and thus mutated into Tainted Cats.

False Minoshiros

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False Minoshiro

The False Minoshiros are man-made automatons modeled after the Minoshiro, which itself evolved rapidly, due to cantus, from a sea slug species.


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Subaru is the pet dog of Shun Aonuma.

Balloon Dog

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Balloon Dogs

Balloon Dogs are about the size of a dog, completely black, with a round, big torso.


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Haythatchers have red, lidless eyes and scales cover their faces.

Tiger Crab

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Tiger Crabs are members of the family of carnivorous crabs.

Vampire Slug

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Pouch Cow

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Pouch Cows, formerly called cow sac, received its name from the aforementioned pouch it has.

Triwing Crow

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Crimson Wasps

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Crimson Wasps are huge wasps in shining red armor.


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Flytrappers have existed since the ancient times and are a direct descendant of giant hammerhead flatworms of the planarian family.


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Glowworms have been dated to exist since ancient times and were found in caves in Australia and New Zealand.

Puffer Sparrow

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Reed Warblers

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Reed Warblers have nests that are about seven or eight centimeters in diameter, propped up carefully on thick reeds.

Rosary Snakes

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Rosary Snakes have evolved to eat eggs exclusively, raiding nests and eating all the eggs at once, digesting them later on.

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