01. Season of the Young Leaves02. Out of the Holy Barrier03. Summer Darkness
04. Eyes in the Darkness05. Remaining Moments06. Abominable Creature
07. Hesitation08. Promise09. Fabricated Memories
10. False Minoshiro11. A Bloodstained Past12. The Weakest Link
13. Crimson Flower14. Darkness15. Footsteps
16. Fires of Apocalypse17. Shame18. True Purpose
19. The Light of Dusk22. A Life Abandoned23. What Must Be Done
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Episode 09: The Rising WindEpisode 10: More Than DarknessEpisode 11: Distant Thunder in Winter
Episode 12: The Weakest LinkEpisode 12: The Weakest Link/GalleryEpisode 13: Reunion
Episode 14: SnowflakesEpisode 15: AfterimageEpisode 16: To My Beloved Saki
Episode 16: To My Beloved Saki/GalleryEpisode 17: Footsteps of DestructionEpisode 18: Scarlet Flower
Episode 19: DarknessEpisode 20: Cold SunlightEpisode 21: Fires of the Apocalypse
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