Magic Mirrors are a special kind of mirror in the world of Shin Sekai Yori.


Magic mirrors are a kind of mirror created using a technique that has existed since the ancient times. One cannot see anything by simply looking at it, but by directing the light of the sun to hit it onto a surface, words or pictures appear in the projection. It works by scattering light from micron-thin variations in thickness of the bronze. The projections only show up in sunlight; candles, torches, and phosphorescent lights have no effect.[1]
In the past, the bronze first had to be ground down to the proper thinness, then the design was painstakingly scratched into the bronze and polished until it was invisible to the naked eye. This is a subject of one of the first practical lessons at Sage Academy. In order to master the delicate touch needed to control their cantus, all students have to create a magic mirror.[1]

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