Maria Akizuki



Kanji 秋月 真理亜
Rōmaji Akizuki Maria
Age 12 / 14 Years
Birthday December 210[1]
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation Student
Status Deceased[2]
Voice Actors
Japanese Kana Hanazawa
English Monica Rial
First Appearance
Novel Part I: Chapter 01
Anime Episode 01: The Season of New Leaves
Manga 01. Season of the Young Leaves
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—Parts of Maria's goodbye letter to Saki Watanabe, (Episode 16: To My Beloved Saki)

Maria Akizuki (秋月 真理亜 Akizuki Maria) is one of the five main characters. She is a member of Group One who is stated to be the most popular girl in her class.


Maria has straight and flowing waist-length red hair that has square bangs hanging above her eyebrows and bright blue eyes. Unlike the others, her appearance remains very similar before and after the first time skip.

She wears the same school uniform at age twelve and fourteen, which is a beige vest with a radiant orchid shaded seam, and a purple bow tied over the midsection. Additionally, she wears a skirt in the same color as the seam, as well as fitting boots combined with a large part of beige and black stockings beneath. A yellow patch on her left sleeve denotes her group number. Overall, she is a young, thin and pretty girl with beautiful arched eyebrows, sparkling eyes, a straight, perfect nose, and expressive mouth which carries her with confidence and determination [3], who is the most popular girl in her school [4][5].

She is also seen in various other outfits, such as an orange halter-style dress [5] as well as a fancy lavender winter coat, with thin white sleeves and black gloves [6]. On the camping trip, she is seen wearing two different outfits - one being a pink dress with a white undershirt and tan leggings, the other a white shirt with a lavender V-shape near the collar, which appears to be a hood, as well as a pair of dark tan shorts [7][8].

In the flashback played during the opening of episode 16, she is seen as a child wearing various outfits such as a long pink winter coat, a fancy violet dress, the elementary school uniform, and a light blue yukata [9].

In the Manga, she is seen wearing a white top (Yukata style) with a bright red ribbon over her stomach and a matching red pleated skirt with black leggings [10].


Maria is considered by Saki Watanabe to be her best friend. In the anime, there is a montage showing their meeting and childhood days before meeting the rest of the characters [9]. She seems to be relatively calm and collected in the group during potentially dangerous situations, however, she perceives herself to be a coward who runs away at the first sign of trouble [11].


  • "I think there are many things in this world we are better off not knowing. Sometimes the truth is the cruelest thing of all. Not everyone can bear it." - Episode 11: Distant Thunder in Winter
  • "Once the kiln is opened and the pottery inspected, all that are crooked or bear cracks are fated to be smashed. If all that awaited us was the fate of smashed pottery, then we decided we would rather run away in the hopes of finding a different future." - Episode 16: To My Beloved Saki


  • The name Maria means "true, reality" (真) (ma), "reason, logic" (理) (ri) and "second, Asia" (亜) (a).
  • Maria's surname Akizuki means "autumn" (秋) (aki) and "moon" (月) (tsuki/zuki).



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