Main Characters

  • Saki Watanabe: Maria's childhood friend and a fellow member of Group 1. They had been best friends since their childhood and became lovers after the first time skip. Maria cared deeply for Saki and was very affectionate towards her, often engaging in public displays of affection. She had also stated that she admired Saki's ability to move on even while shouldering grief and pain, and that she loved that about her.[1] When Maria decided to leave the villages with Mamoru, she left Saki a letter explaining how she could not abandon Mamoru, assuring Saki that she loved her, and expressed the hope that they could meet again.[2]
  • Mamoru Itou: Mamoru is a fellow member of Group 1. They presumably met in Sage Academy. Mamoru was attached to Maria as a mother figure, and the latter seemed to reciprocate his affection by being responsible for his well-being. She considered him a kind and sensitive soul that needed to trust those around him, and the world as well.[1] Even when Saki and Maria became lovers after the first time skip, Mamoru continued to spend time with her, and they became duty pair partners in winter. When Mamoru suffered a nervous breakdown from breaking the rules in looking for Boy X, Maria was the one to speak up on his behalf and persuaded the rest of the group to keep their quest from him. When Mamoru ran away from home, Maria was the most concerned. Upon learning his reasons for running away, she decided to leave the village with him. After the second time skip, Saki discovered that they had both died two or three years after running away.[3]

    Mamoru and Maria had a child before being killed.
  • Satoru Asahina: Maria's childhood friend and a member of Group 1. Satoru is first seen playing capture-the-flag with Maria on the hill as a child. In the montage shown in episode 16, he is also present playing with Saki and Maria when they were children. Maria implied that she, Saki, and Satoru had a good relationship that if any of them were in trouble, the other two would come to help.[2]
  • Shun Aonuma: Maria's childhood friend and a member of Group 1. Shun is first seen refereeing the capture-the-flag game which Maria participated in as a child. Maria had played at his house when they were young. When Shun turned into a karma demon, Maria infiltrated the inner court of Sage Academy and had witnessed the Board of Education sending out the Tainted Cats to kill him. Later, when their memories were modified, she showed some reluctance to search for him on account of Mamoru's fear of being disposed.

Other Characters

  • Reiko Amano: Maria's childhood friend and a fellow member of Group 1. Reiko is first seen in the capture-the-flag game as a child, where she was trying to persuade Maria to go home at sundown. She attended Morality School before joining the others at Sage Academy. While Maria was always outwardly kind to Reiko, there were moments where Reiko's clumsiness with Cantus exceeded her patience.[4]
  • Ryou Inaba: Maria's childhood friend and a member of Group 2, later Group 1 after Shun's death. Ryou is first seen on the same side as Maria in the capture-the-flag game. He attended Friendship School with Mamoru prior to graduating. Ryou, as a member of Group 2, was the final opponent for Group 1 in the Cantus ball game at Sage Academy. After the time skip, all the students' memories were modified to believe that Ryou had always been in Shun's place. Among Group 1, Maria accepted this change more easily than the others, even going to far as to tease both Saki and Ryou about choosing their duty pair nominations.[1]


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