Kanji 救世主 / 悪鬼
Rōmaji Kyūseishu / Akki
Age Approximately 9 Years[1]
Gender Male (Novel & Manga) / Female (Anime)
Species Human
Status Deceased[2][3]
Voice Actors
Japanese Akiko Yajima
English Luci Christian
First Appearance
Novel Part V: Chapter 05
Anime Episode 21: The Fire that Destroys the World
Manga Chapter 17 (Official)

The Messiah (救世主 Kyūseishu), also known as Fiend (悪鬼 Akki), is a mysterious child who appears in District 66 of Kamisu in July of year 237, and is later revealed to be the child of Maria Akizuki and Mamoru Itou. Originally being a boy, the gender of the Messiah was changed to female in the anime version of the series, while he remained male in the manga.


The Messiah has icy blue eyes, just like their mother, Maria. Their hair is a combination of their parents, as it has Maria's scarlet red color and Mamoru's curliness.


The messiah first appears during the summer festival, during an attack on humanity by the monster rats. Being the ultimate weapon for the monster rats, since humans cannot kill another human, as it would result in their own deaths thanks to their death feedback, the messiah is used to wipe out every human in the area of the festival.
Ultimately, he is killed by his death feedback, triggered by a trap Saki, Satoru and Kiroumaru provide - Since the messiah believes he is a monster rat, the three of them disguise Kiroumaru as human and send him out for the messiah to kill. He quickly realizes the mistake he made, as soon as the disguise of Kiroumaru falls off and reveals that he is actually a monster rat. The death feedback kills the messiah, erasing Squealer's ultimate weapon to overthrow humanity.[2]


  • The Messiah is most likely unable to speak human language, but was shown to be able to speak the language of the monster rats.[4][2]


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