As Mizuho was nearing the end of her thirties, she was convinced that she would never bear another child after her first daughter, Yoshimi, anymore. During the year 210, having a child in one's thirties was considered really late pregnancy. Furthermore, she held the important office of librarian. Her decisions not only influenced the future of her town, but in certain cases could also result in the deaths of others. Having to endure that kind of pressure every day, in addition to being careful about her pregnancy, was not the kind of hardship people usually had to deal with.
During that period, her husband, Takashi Sugiura, was the mayor of the town. That in itself was a busy job. But around the time their daughter Saki was born, the job of a librarian came with an incomparably greater responsibility than that of a mayor. In fact, that did not change later, but it was even more pronounced back then.
Mizuho was in the middle of a meeting about the classification of a newly discovered collection of books when she went into labor. This was over a week before the expected due date, but since her water broke without warning, she was immediately transported to the maternity hospital near the outskirts of town. The sound of Saki's first cry was heard not ten minutes after. Unfortunately, her umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck. Her face was purple and she was unable to cry properly. The birthing assistant, who was new at the job, nearly collapsed in panic at this. Luckily, the cord was easily cut and the baby finally breathed in the air of the world and let out a healthy cry.[1]


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