Mount Tsukuba (筑波山 Tsukuba-san) is a mountain located in the Kanto region of Japan. Its surrounding is a major setting in the From the New World series.

Mt. Tsukuba is featured in Japanese legend. It is famous for its twin peaks, and is one of the mountains in Japan with non-volcanic composition. Sakura River flowed around the mountain to the southwest. The forest west of the mountain is where the Robber Fly queerat colony is planted.


Season of New Leaves & Summer Darkness

The Group One members took a detour from their planned summer camp trip route, after Satoru Asahina suggested that they look for False Minoshiro on the foothills of Mount Tsukuba. They crossed Lake Kasumigaura, followed the Sakura River upstream until they arrived around the spot just below the foothills of Mount Tsukuba, and started on foot into the forest. They encountered the ruins of the ancient Mount Tsukuba Shrine, and encountered the forest minoshiro nearby.

After the ordeal with the minoshiro and the encounter with Rijin, the party was attacked by the feral Ground Spider queerat colony. Saki Watanabe and Satoru Asahina separated from the other three and were briefly captured by the Ground Spider until they made their escape. The two first encountered Squealer in the forest and inadvertently helped the Robber Fly colony against the Ground Spider. After a series of hardships, they managed to slip by the queerats and make it to the place where they hid their canoes on the bank of Sakura River where they reunite with the rest of Group One.


The Group one climbed to the summit of Mount Tsukuba and watched the sunrise.


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