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Age 90s-100s[citation needed]
Occupation Head Priest
Voice Actors
First Appearance
Novel Part I: Chapter 03
Anime 01. Season of the Young Leaves

Mushin is the Head Priest of Kamisu 66. Usually presiding over the Pure Land Temple at Hayring, he would travel to the Temple of Purity to personally conduct the ceremony of bestowing children with newly-awoken Cantus with their Mantras.


Head Priest Mushin is in his nineties at the beginning of the story, and is well over a hundred years old by the time Saki Watanabe is an adult. He has a short stature, already shorter than the twelve-year-old Saki, and keep his grey hair and beard long and free. He dons a rough and heavily patched robe with shades of red and orange, a colour typical of Buddhist monks.

He has a soft calming voice, but not dull as to bore those who had to listen to his sermons, though that was not always the case.


Saki Watanabe was greeted by Mushin in the waiting room after two or three hours of waiting after her arrival to the Temple of Purity. After been introduced, he remarked knowing Saki's parents and recalled her father's antics at Harmony School while he was headmaster at the time. He also answered Saki's question about the Temple being outside the Holy Barrier, but assured her that similar barrier is placed around the Temple. He then instructed Saki to prepare herself for a "normal cedar stick lighting ceremony".

The ceremony begins with a sermon by Mushin about the Golden Rule. To drive his point home, he took out a knife and stabbed himself in the leg, convincing Saki that she is doing it to him and causing him suffering. After some moment of confusion, saki froze and felt sharp pain on her chest. Seeing this, he gets up and revealed to Saki that he is fine, that the blade is retractable, and that she had passed the final test.

Saki recovered, and the Mantra bestowal began. Priests gather around Saki in the room, one of them feeding cedar sticks into the hearth. Saki is instructed by Mushin to control the flames, which she did with much difficulty. Then, a paper emblem is placed in front of Saki and Mushin instructs her to stand it up using her Cantus. As she did, Mushin proclaimed that her last worldly desires - the Cantus - has been sealed. Six needles appeared and stabbed the emblem, and the bleeding emblem is thrown into the flames. Mushin then proceeded to whisper Saki's Mantra into her ears.[1]



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