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This articles contains a summary of the first chapter of the "Part I: Season of New Leaves" section of the Shin Sekai Yori novel, which is also the first chapter in total. The chapter counts 35 pages.


The chapter starts with an introduction to the memories of Saki Watanabe, the protagonist and narrator of the story, who is writing down her life experiences for future generations to read, as she and her own generation worry about repeating mistakes from the past as time passes. Saki monologues about blank spaces in her memory, as more than ten years have passed since the end of the tragedy she wants to write about, and although she went to ask people who were there at the time about the details she found to lack, many parts of their memories seemed to contradict each other. Due to this, Saki eventually came to the conclusion that there does not exist a single person whose memory is not distorted to hide their own faults, which she promptly writes down, amused but also concerned about the fact that she cannot exclude herself from this discovery. The woman apologizes in advance to the reader, may there be any attempts of self-justification in her writings, as she believes she would do them unconsciously, despite trying to put down the reality of what had happened back at these times. Furthermore, she plans to bury a copy of her writings in a time capsule underground, the draft being written on a kind of paper which claims to be anti-oxidizing paper that can last a millennium. In total, she plans to leave behind only three copies, believing if someday in the future the old order, or something like it, is restored and all publications are censored, the existence of this record should be kept secret for as long as possible.

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