The sixth chapter of the "Part I: Season of New Leaves" section of the Shin Sekai Yori novel, and the he sixth chapter in total.


The False Minoshiro introduces itself as "The Tsubaka branch of the National Assembly Library". As the group asks for information on what and who they are, it interprets the situation to a request for further introduction, thus mentioning the name "Panasonic Automotive Archive, Autonomous Evolution version SE-778H Lambda", referring to its model and version. When asked for the location of the books, it explains that all paper based print interfaces have either decomposed, or have been lost through wars or other destructive activity and that no remaining existences have been confirmed, making the group believe it is an empty library. However, the Minoshiro then tells them that all information is archived in 890PB of holographic memory, meaning the contents of the books (All 38,242,506 volumes published in Japan since 2129 AD and 671,630 reference volumes in English as well as other languages) are stored inside of it, and can be accessed at any time. Realizing that they could ask every question they wanted, Satoru and Maria each blurt out an irrelevant question - Why there are so many toads around the area and why the Minoshiro looks like this if it is a library - until Shun asks it if Fiends and Karma Demons really exist.

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