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The second chapter of the "Part IV: Winter's Distant Thunder" section of the Shin Sekai Yori novel, and the he nineteenth chapter in total.


Tomiko explains that up until then, there had been nearly thirty documented cases of Fiends throughout the world. Among those, all but two were boys. The concerned fiend as well was a boy, whose real name she cannot remember, although she states that she is able to remember the rest clearly, even after all this time. The Library contains but one file in which the details of this incident are written, and even in that, nothing but the Initials Y.K. remain. It is not even known which initial represents his given name and which his family name. In another report, before the passage of the measure enforcing the Ethics Regulations, it was indicated that it may be the result of something called 'Juvenile Law Article 61' (Presumably a law which forbids the press from releasing the names of minors, especially in criminal cases) of the laws of Ancient Japan which had been provisionally restored just before that time. As the name remains unknown, she continues telling the story by giving him the name "K".

K was a 13-year old first year student at Shidou Academy, which was the predecessor the present Sage Academy. At first, K seemed to be an inconspicuous, perfectly ordinary pupil. Abnormalities were first discovered when Rorschach Tests - a Psychological Test in which an ink plot is pressed between two sheets of paper and personality characteristics investigated based on what associations one makes from the images - were conducted on the first year students. From his responses to other tests, they were able to determine that K had been under an extremely great amount of stress compared to normal, but they also could not clearly determine what was causing it. On the other hand, many of his associates in the Rorschach test were strangely violent. Presumably, he was being faced with the desire for destruction and slaughter coiled within his subconscious. But, not knowing what it meant, his abnormality was not considered particularly important at the time. His test results too, were only given attention during the investigation following the incident.
During the practice in the use of Cantus at Shidou Academy, particularly in regard to control, K's abnormality was gradually becoming clear. His results in cantus ability were always just barely average or somewhat below. But there were situations in which, under circumstances that left normal students bewildered, K continued energetically. Although there was no information on specific episodes, there were even cases during various games in which it seemed he had caused harm to others, and though cantus had been used, he still showed no hesitation at all.
His family at least, should have known quite well about K's abnormality. K's mother in particular, seemed to have been aware of it since he was still a baby. Because of this, he was made to undergo psychotherapy and various other corrective measures from a very young age. A thing close to brainwashing also seems to have been among these. And, the effect that all this had, is that throughout his childhood, K's violent nature was suppressed. And on that fateful day, as a result of some unknown impetus, his deceptive suppression snapped apart.
Soon after noticing his abnormality, the teacher in charge repeatedly reported to the Board of Education of the time that some kind of precautionary measures should be adopted. But at the time, not a single effective policy had yet been enacted. Several reasons and considerations for this had been found. First was the fact that at that time, more than 80 years had passed since the last appearance of a Fiend. Memories little by little weathering, sense of impending crisis had been lost. Second was the fact that K's mother was an extremely vociferous member of the Town Council. At that time, everything was determined by the Town Council, making it very difficult for the school to take drastic measures. Third, use of the principle of Peace-at-any-cost was prevalent in the bureaucracy that controlled the school. And fourth, at that point in time, no effective plan of action had been established for such situations. In the end, aside from regular counseling sessions, nothing was done to deal with K. They merely continued watching over him genially. And so, one day, just seven months after his enrollment, the incident finally occurred.
K first used his cantus against the teacher in charge, pulling her arms and legs in all directions and twisting them off before crushing her head. After that, it seems he lifted up the terrified students one by one and slammed them against the wall of the classroom. Such force was used that the bodies were completely flattened, some sticking to the wall. From there was the other 22 students in the same grade, followed by the second and third years. A total of approximately 50 students were found, in a dreadful state. Later, nine of the people conducting the investigation and autopsies were diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) of such a degree that they eventually retired from work and lost all motivation.
K, whose transformation into a Fiend was now complete, left the classroom and wandered about the school in search of additional prey. He continued to slaughter the children, who were now running and screaming in confusion, as though it were some kind of game. By positioning the corpses of those he had killed, he used terror to manipulate the stream of children, causing such a panic that many jumped to their deaths or were trampled. Herding them like livestock, he gathered them all into one place where he massacred them all simultaneously. In that time, not one person was able to confront the fiend and inflict an effective counterattack. In terms of cantus, there were many students far better than K, however, since all of them possessed strong Attack Inhibition and Death Feedback, they were unable to defend themselves.
However, looking at it from K's side, it may be that lacking Attack Inhibition himself, he succumbed to the fear that he might receive a counterattack from another at any time, continuing to preemptively attack the people around him until all of them had been killed. By a different theory, as a result of the endorphins secreted by his own brain, K may have become intoxicated by the bloodshed, and wound up unable to stop the endless chain of murders. It is for this reason that Fiends, the proper name for which is Rahman-Kurogius Syndrome, have also been called "Fox in the Hen House" Syndrome.
Having visited death upon everything that lived, K left the school that was now engulfed in silence. And, in a very natural looking way, began walking down the street. Among the people who laid eyes on K at this time, just one was miraculously left alive. However, it seems he truly did not notice anything abnormal at all. Just a short boy, walking down the street normally. It looked like no more than such an ordinary everyday scene.
As K was going down the street, some people casually came along from the opposite direction. When the group of agricultural engineers returning from work at Myouhou Farms came to a distance of 40 or 50 meters from K, the upper body of the man in the lead suddenly exploded into tiny pieces, raising a great spray of blood. The warm moist mist rendered the surroundings dim, and the group of people, not knowing what had happened, stopped where they were. Within this, K alone continued to walk towards them without even changing his pace, and one by one, reduced the remaining people to hideous lumps of meat. Before long, K's figure vanished from sight around a bend in the street. At that time, still thinking it to have been an accident, were two witnesses who had been hiding under cover. One of them however, rushed out in order to seek help. The other person seemed unable to move. As he did, K, who should have already walked away, suddenly appeared. Most likely sensing the presence of someone hiding, he presumably acted in such a way as to lure them out. And having succeeded, plucked the head from the neck of the witness who had jumped out.
K once again turned and walked around the street corner, leaving alone the one witness, who as a result of the emotional shock, seemed to have become completely unable to move. Well into the next day, he was finally discovered and rescued. However, for a long time after telling the details of what he had witnessed, it seems he was left in a near invalid state.
As mentioned before, K's cantus itself, was of a level no more than slightly below average. If one were to look at his old report cards, they would find the evaluation "Lacking in Imagination and Creativity, Childish." However, making use of that cantus, the skill he showed in accomplishing that unprecedentedly large number of murders was surely a stroke of genius. The evil designs K executed, were so ingenious as to put true Demons to shame, demonstrating quite clearly that from the beginning, K had planned on annihilating the entire city. He first blocked all the waterways by destroying specific buildings, then, by starting large fires, limited the possible escape routes to just a single direction. And, setting loose his evil desires while showing incredible patience, began another bloody slaughter. The excessively terrified people, recklessly beginning to flee, could well already have been said to be dancing in the palm of K's hand.
At this time, if everyone climbing over the rubble and running through the gaps between burning homes had scattered in all directions like a swarm of baby spiders, a considerable number of people would surely have been saved. But not one person made it out in that way. Driven by panic, in an act of mob psychology, all of them ran in the same direction, passing down the sole open major street. At its end was a dense forest of many large trees. Taking refuge within the forest, everyone seemed to have been under the illusion that they were safe. But in the situation of being hunted by a cantus possessing Fiend, that was a fatal mistake. After confirming that enough people had taken refuge in the forest, K set fire to it. At a distance great enough that it was doubtful anyone had gone farther, he surrounded the area in a wall of flames, trapping everyone within. After that, he shrank the ring, tightening it little by little. K did not burn everyone to death in that way, but created an opening at one place facing him. Driven by the need to escape the fire and smoke, the people fled back towards the opening, not even realizing that what they were doing was none other than jumping into the very jaws of death.
Having finished killing the people who took refuge in the forest to the last, K once more returned to the city center. And, wandering round and round about the city center for the entire day, thoroughly sought out and eliminated survivors. At the time, the season was just changing from fall into winter. Drunk on slaughter, K seemed to have forgotten to wear sufficiently thick clothing. In the dead of the night, he realized that he had caught a very bad cold. He turned and headed towards the city's hospital, which had already been partly destroyed. By no means would anyone have expected to find a doctor present. He had probably planned on just searching for medicine, but two medical personnel still remained within it, desperately trying to help those people on the verge of death who somehow continued to draw breath. A doctor named Tsuchida saved the city. And from right at his side, Tomiko, who worked as a nurse in those days, watched every detail of it.
Tomiko was able to tell that he was a Fiend with just a glance. His Eyes were in some way different from those of an ordinary person. Though the irises were elevated, they were not rolled back. In a condition similar to Sursum Vergence (an upward movement, especially of an eye, where the other eye does not move), it was as if most of the white of the eye had been torn. His hair contained oil-like globs in it and his face had taken on a spotted pattern. Upon realizing that both were human blood, Tomiko's legs began shaking uncontrollably.
K silently entered the examination room. Attempting neither explanation, bribery, nor coercion, K simply said that he had caught a cold and wanted treatment for it. Doctor Tsuchida then asked K to take a seat. Though not being called, Tomiko entered the examination room thinking that the Doctor would be unable to handle it alone. Doctor Tsuchida glanced at her face, but did not say anything. Then, asking K to open his mouth, examined his throat. K's throat was a shockingly deep red and although it was warm, he could not stop shivering as though he had the chills. Doctor Tsuchida spread an Iodine-Glycerol solution in K's throat. Then, he turned and ordered Tomiko to go get some antibiotics from the interior medical supply room.
Meanwhile, Doctor Tsuchida took the first aid kit from the storage shelf and pulled out the Potassium Chloride pills, then dissolved several times the lethal dosage in distilled water, and, telling K it was just cold medicine, administered it by intravenous injection. Suddenly hearing screaming from down the hall, Tomiko dropped the box of antibiotics she had finally found and immediately rushed back to the examination room. In the next moment, she heard the sound of a violent explosion, and through the door, could see that the examination room had been dyed deep crimson. K had blown Doctor Tsuchida's head off.
After that, a dreadful voice began ceaselessly screaming. Although experiencing the agony of his death throes, K would not easily die. Before long, the noises became steadily more feeble, changing into the sobbing of a child. And at last, faded to the point that one could no longer hear it. Thanks to the sacrifice of Doctor Tsuchida, K had successfully been eliminated.


Izuki's cantus contaminated everything in her surroundings as though it were some form of radioactivity. At that time, Izumi was the only child of a family of farmers who lived on the outskirts of Kogane Village. There at, beginning after the arrival of Izumi's Blessing Spirit when she entered puberty, deformities began appearing in the livestock at an abnormally high rate. Many of the crops became blighted as well and, at first, it was suspected this might be the result of a disease caused by some new kind of virus.
At Sage Academy too, everything in Izumi's surroundings to a distance of about ten meters underwent bizarre transformations. After a short time, desks and chairs ended up unusably deformed, and in the later stages, the surrounding walls and floors began bubbling and forming eyeball-like patterns, while protuberances like the mold called the "Devil's Whiskers" grew on one side creating a nightmare like scene.
The Ethics Committee and the Board of Education assembled specialists to begin an investigation. The result of that investigation, confirmation of the fact that the Bad Spill of Izumi's cantus could even damage human DNA, caused an uproar. She was immediately suspended from Sage Academy and forced to study the curriculum herself at home. However, during that time, the size of the area affected by her Bad Spill ended up becoming outrageously large. At one point, the gears within a clock tower six kilometers away from her suddenly twisted themselves into spirals, rendering the hands of the clock completely unable to move.
Another meeting was held. The result of that was the official acknowledgement that Izumi Kutegawa was suffering from Hashimoto-Appelbam Syndrome, and the conclusion that as such, nothing could be done but to dispose of her as a Karma Demon. As the one in charge of the Ethics Committee, Tomiko had to face Izumi and convey that fact herself. But as it had already become too dangerous to approach her, they used a remotely operated puppet to exchange letters. Upon learning that the lives of many people were at risk because of her, Izumi herself suggested that she would cooperate in any plan to dispose of her.
Eventually, every living thing near Izumi ended up dying off. Although her parents and the farm workers had temporarily left Izumi behind to take refuge, they had been infected by a strange disease in which the entire body's muscular system rapidly changed into fiber, and had already passed away. However, Izumi was never told of that fact. Near the end, the farm buildings had morphed into an indefinite amoeba-like form that appeared as though it were oozing along, swallowing up everything along its perimeter.
At that far away point, Tomiko placed five pills atop a half melted table within the cabin by remote control. Along with them was a note explaining that they were a tranquilizer made to suppress the effects of the Bad Spill. Just one among them contained a lethal dose of poison. The instructions said for Izumi to take a dose of one pill each day. On the very first day, Izumi took all five pills. Being a very intelligent girl, she realized what was in the medicine. Assuming that to be true, she may have been afraid that her Bad Spill would cause the medicine to deteriorate, loosing it's effectiveness. However, she swallowed all of them at the same time, resulting in her death.


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