The Psychobuster, also called Psychokiller or Psychocide, is an ancient biological mass destruction weapon.[1] It is shaped like a cross, about seven or eight centimeters long and made of a glass-like material that became cloudy with age. A large ring goes through the cross, passing through three of the arms.[2]


The Psychobuster was developed by the Americans during ancient times and secretly brought over by the military when they were stationed in Japan. It is a weapon designed by those without cantus to wipe out cantus users. While the device is considered a weapon of mass destruction, it does not operate on as large a scale and is more suited for assassinations and terrorism. In any case, it is a weapon that does not make the user feel like they are killing, so it is likely that attack inhibition will not prevent a Cantus user from using it. There is a chance even death feedback can be avoided as well.
Its formal name is "strong toxicity bacillus anthracis", abbreviated "STBA". Bacillus anthracis occurs naturally in soil from decaying grass. Once absorbed into the body, it can cause cutaneous, pulmonary, and gastrointestinal anthrax, all serious illnesses. Additionally, while normal pulmonary anthrax is rarely contagious between humans, STBA is highly contagious. As such, containing outbreaks through conventional epidemiological means is exceedingly difficult. In addition to having the destructive power to make it an ideal first-strike weapon. To facilitate post-war cleanup, the strain's toxicity was designed to fall in one or two years, so it can be used without reserve and does not harm the environment. However, although regular bacillus anthracis has a lifetime of about fifty years, STBA spores are believed to last for a millennium.[1]
The Psychobuster is kept at a location that cannot be found easily and is not marked down on any maps, but if the object in the box is activated somehow, it is possible to locate it.[1]

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