Rōmaji Rei
Age 14 Years
Gender Male
Species Human
Occupation Student
Voice Actors
First Appearance
Novel Part III: Chapter 01
Anime 08. Omen

Rei is a student of Sage Academy and the temporary boyfriend of Satoru Asahina.[1] He is a member of Team Five.


Rei has shoulder length, dull, burgundy-colored hair. He has grey eyes, and seems to be a little shorter than average height. He wears the same outfit as the other boys his age do, which consists of a beige vest with a blue seam, a purple bow tied over the midsection and four blue buttons on the stomach area of the vest. Additionally, he wears pants in the same color as the seam, with a single white line on the bottom of each side, as well as fitting shoes combined with white and blue socks. On each side of his short sleeves are yellow fringe accessories with tiny turquoise pearls on them. On both shoulders, there are overlapping parts of the top clothing.[1]


Not much is known about Rei, other than he is the classmate of Group One and a member of Group Five. He is known as the class narcissist, and is seen admiring his own reflection and making cute faces at himself when Satoru creates a mirror for him in class.[2]


  • Satoru Asahina: Satoru is Rei's boyfriend for a rather short amount of time. He had liked Satoru for a while, but never made a move because of Shun before the two of them broke up. However, to Satoru, he only serves as replacement for Shun.[2] It is likely that Satoru cares about Rei, but does not actually have any romantic feelings for him.


  • Since the relationship between Satoru and Shun does not exist in the manga, Rei does not make an appearance there.


  • "Satoru, let's go!" - Rei while hugging Satoru's arm and trying to lead him away. (Part III: Chapter 01, Page 123)


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