Kanji 離塵
Rōmaji Rijin
Gender Male
Species Human
Status Deceased
Voice Actors
Japanese N/A
First Appearance

Rijin (離塵 Rijin) is a high priest of the Temple of Purification.


Rijin appears to be in his mid-ages, with head clean shaven. His attire is based on Japanese traditional clothing, and suit his post as a high priest: an inner red garment (appears to be a hoodie) overlaid with a purple outer garment with loose seams at the shoulders. An innermost black undergarment appears to extend past his neck, covering his mouth and most of his ears.

He is seen riding seated on a peculiar vehicle in the shape of a large lotus flower, and using cantus, hover on it two to three meters above ground. Later on as he becomes increasingly strained and ill from the effects of the slow Death Feedback, he lets Mamoru Itou ride the lotus flower, and place him in front of the traveling Group One to serve as lookout. [1]




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