Ryou Inaba
Kanji 稲葉 良
Rōmaji Inaba Ryō
Age 12 / 14 Years
Gender Male
Species Human
Occupation Student
Status Alive
Voice Actors
Japanese Rikako Yamaguchi (12 Years)
Ryota Ohsaka (14 Years)
English Connor Leach
First Appearance
Novel Part I: Chapter 01
Anime Episode 11: Distant Thunder in Winter

Ryou Inaba (稲葉 良 Inaba Ryō) is one of the supporting characters of Shin Sekai Yori. He is a member of Group Two in Sage Academy.



Ryou is a class mate of Group One and Shun's replacement during the time in which they have forgotten everything about him and remain unaware of the reasons behind his disappearance. He is described as cheerful, natural leader, smart, tall, and well-liked.[1]
Shortly after Shun's vanishing, he tells Saki that he went with her and her friends on the camping trip. Saki finds this odd, as she cannot remember Ryou ever going, and for a reason unknown to Saki, she cannot remember Shun, who was the one actually accompanying her and the others. Saki asks Ryou multiple questions about things that they all talked about during the trip, but he cannot seem to recall anything specific. When Satoru is also unable to recall why he loves Ryou, Saki and Satoru both conclude Ryou was not the person they believed him to be. The group of friends comes to the final conclusion that everyone's memories must have been altered to forget the person they cannot remember.


  • Since the relationship between Satoru and Shun does not exist in the manga, Ryou had no feigned relationship with Satoru in the manga version either.


  • "Isn't it obvious? You've always been the only one for me." - Ryou to Saki after she asks why he would want her as a duty partner. (Part IV: Chapter 01)
  • "That... all of it. Being together in the canoe. Oh, remember when you were so into the scenery that you almost fell in the river and I caught you at the last second? That was a close one." - Ryou describing his favorite memory from summer camp

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