Saki Watanabe




Kanji 渡辺 早季
Rōmaji Watanabe Saki
Age 12 / 14 / 26 / 36 Years
Birthday December 10, 210[1] (Sagittarius)
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation Student (12-14+)
Exospecies Control Regulator (26)
Head of the Ethics Committee (36)
Status Alive
Voice Actors
Japanese Risa Taneda (12, 14 & 26 Years)
Aya Endo (36 Years / Narrator)
English Emily Neves
First Appearance
Anime Episode 01: The Season of New Leaves
Manga 01. Season of the Young Leaves

Saki Watanabe (渡辺 早季 Watanabe Saki) is the main protagonist of the story.


At the age of twelve years, Saki has short, dark brown hair and brown eyes. She usually wears her white school robes, which consists of a beige vest with a radiant orchid shaded seam, and a purple bow tied over the midsection. Additionally, she wears a skirt in the same color as the seam, as well as fitting boots combined with a large part of beige and black stockings beneath. On each side of her short sleeves are yellow fringe accessories with tiny turquoise pearls on them. On both shoulders, there are overlapping parts of the top clothing.[2]
Two years later, her hair has grown just past her shoulders and has noticeably gotten taller. She is commonly seen wearing the same school robes as she did before.[3]
At the age of 26 years, her hair length is just above her lower back and is commonly tied in a loose ponytail with a few strands left undone. She now bears a striking resemblance to her mother and wears a light blue and pink outfit that resembles a yukata with an orange bow.
In the manga, her hair is purple instead of brown, and the shade of her eyes goes deeper into a shade of gray.


Saki is the youngest daughter of Mizuho Watanabe and Takashi Sugiura and one of the five members of group 1, the others being Shun, Maria, Satoru, Reiko and Mamoru. Saki was the last of her friends and of the entire Harmony class to graduate.[2] She is considered one of the strongest in her group, despite not being the strongest Force user, due to the fact of her mental resilience; never giving up no matter how scared she is, or if she cries. She is Tomiko Asahina's chosen successor due to her mental stability.
Saki initially comes off as somewhat timid and lonely. This is a direct result of her being the last to graduate from her elementary class and the last to show signs of Power. Once she joins the others in the Unified class it becomes obvious that Saki is not shy by any means.[2]
Throughout the story she and her friends endure many hardships, such as learning the truth about the origins of their society, being tried by the nature outside of Kamisu 66, having certain memories repressed by the Ethics Committee, and dealing with the idea of their classmates and friends being eliminated. While Saki commonly reacts to these situations with tears or despair, she always manages to return to a normal state of mind rather than allowing these situations to weigh her down. Tomiko Asahina mentions that her Personality Index score is perhaps the highest since the beginning of the Unified class which makes her the most suited to become the chairman of the Ethics Committee. 
Despite her high mental capability, it seems that her own Power is somewhat average and doesn't really stick out among her peers. This is shown when Shisei Kaburagi pays her no attention when he visits the Unified classroom. In addition, Saki doesn't seem to use her Power in an offensive way. This is likely due to her Personality Index score as she is unlikely to choose actions of aggression unless absolutely necessary. She often shows remorse for creatures when they are harmed, specifically towards the Monster Rats, usually by saying something in their defense or in protest of harming them. This could also be perhaps she senses that the Monster Rats may not be as different a species than humans after all.


  • "Maria was born two weeks after me. She was also premature, and her condition after birth was even worse than mine. I think if Maria had never been born unto this world, then untold numbers could have been spared." - Saki's narration about Maria (Episode 02: The Vanishing Children)
  • "One by one, I've lost my loved ones. My sister. Shun. Maria and Mamoru. If I lose Satoru as well, I'll be all alone. I'll be the only one left from Group One." - Episode 24: Torchlight in the Darkness
  • "We have to change our way of thinking, if we really want to change the future." - Episode 25: From the New World