Saki was born on December 10, 210, over a week before the expected due date, but since her mother's water broke without warning, she was immediately transported to the maternity hospital near the outskirts of town. The sound of Saki's first cry was heard not ten minutes after. Unfortunately, her umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck. Her face was purple and she was unable to cry properly. The birthing assistant, who was new at the job, nearly collapsed in panic at this. Luckily, the cord was easily cut and the baby finally breathed in the air of the world and let out a healthy cry.[1]


After going through the ritual of passage with the monk Musshin, Saki is able to join her friends at school whose Power awakened before hers. She is assigned to Group 1 which at this time consists of herself, Shun, Maria, Satoru, and a girl named Reiko. The children practice their Power using a visualization exercise which involves using sand to sketch flowers onto a canvas. All the members succeed except for Reiko. Later Satoru mentions that their group can never win any event because they have Reiko who has such weak Power ability. Soon after Reiko vanishes, and the class seems to forget that she ever existed. 
The group, now with the addition of Mamoru, competes in a ball pushing tournament where they must construct and control small clay dolls to push a large boulder into a hole faster than the opposing groups. The students are forbidden from using their Power to destroy any of the dolls, physically alter the field, or to push or prevent the boulder from being pushed. The group decides to construct one pusher, two attackers, and two defenders and they manage to win the round against group 5. After they have completed their round.

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