Saki and Satoru
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Saki Watanabe Satoru Asahina
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Relationship Married[1]
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Saki and Satoru is a pairing including Saki Watanabe and Satoru Asahina, which makes an official appearance in the novel, anime and manga of Shin Sekai Yori. It has been confirmed to be a two-sided love with an official relationship.[1]


Before developing feelings for each other, it is revealed that both Saki and Satoru had feelings for Shun Aonuma, a fellow member of Group One and mutual friend of both.[2][3] In the manga, it is further elaborated that Satoru initially had feelings for Shun, although he had noticed Shun's requited feelings for Saki. In both the anime and manga, much emphasis is put on Saki's feelings for Shun, who would later tragically turn into a Karma Demon, thereby never making their relationship official, although Shun would still live on in both Saki and Satoru's subconsciousness. The two would drag Shun alongside their fond memories of him, delaying Saki and Satoru's relationship. The light novel, while narrated by Saki, confirms this: "Both of us were using each other to make love to someone who was no longer in this world. It might be extremely abnormal, and you might even say we were cheating on each other, but we both knew and wanted it." [4]
Saki and Satoru are hinted to have been acquainted with each other even before the official formation of Group One, indicating a strong connection between the two. As twelve year olds, the two fight and bicker often. This causes those around them to laugh at their petty fights, and despite their "hostility" towards each other, they show strong signs of loyalty towards each other during times of crisis throughout the series.
During the summer camp, and when both find themselves trapped by the Monster Rats, the two team up together to escape. When they are held in a prison by the foreign species of the Monster Rats, the two find themselves under much stress and anxiety, and attempt sexual activities. [5] Saki would later restore his Cantus, allowing them to escape. Satoru nearly overexerts himself in order to protect Saki, further indicating their closeness (Saki was not able to use her Cantus; Rijin had her Cantus sealed), and proving Saki's importance to him. [6]

After the timeskip, and both are fourteen years old, Satoru enters a relationship with Shun, while Saki finds herself with Maria.[7] However, after the death of Shun and the appearance of Ryou, who is plugged into the group as a filler (by this point, Group 1's memories have been altered so that Shun never existed), Satoru and Saki decide to be duty partners.[8] When Maria and Mamoru leave the group and the village, Saki and Satoru go great lengths in an attempt to find them. After discovering that Maria and Mamoru left no tracks for them to follow, Saki and Satoru spend the night in a snow hut together. When Saki breaks down, realizing that the chances of their group being reunited in the future again are futile, Satoru rushes to console her. It is implied in the anime that night they had sex, [9] while the novel confirms this. [10]

After the second timeskip, and both are twenty-six years old, it is revealed the two had stopped talking due to a "petty fight". [11] However, the crisis with the Monster Rats leads them to reconcile. In the manga, it is implied they did not stop talking to each other during this time period, and Satoru is even contemplating how to propose to Saki. [12] The two are hinted to also be living together, however Satoru and Saki have difficulty in advancing their relationship as both are still subconsciously holding onto Shun. Satoru even revels that despite this growing feelings for Saki, he feels as he places second to Shun. [13] This troubles Satoru greatly, as he is unsure of Saki's true feelings for him. Saki and Satoru later find themselves trapped in a situation with the Fiend, and rush to the now abandoned Tokyo in an attempt to find the Psychobuster. While searching for the weapon ancient civilization left behind, Saki and Satoru become separated. Saki meets with an adult Shun one final time during this period. In the manga, Shun hands Saki the Psychobuster. She finds herself wondering what future she is trying to save, and if it's even worth the risk and effort, as she believes that everyone important to her is now long gone- therefore, having no one to enjoy that future with. However, Shun tells her that Saki's memories are preventing her from realizing that neither he or Maria are the most important person to Saki anymore, and instead there is "someone who has always been by your [Saki's side] side who has been the most precious". Realizing this is Satoru, Saki runs off to find him, but not before thanking Shun, and saying farewell to him. [14] After finding Satoru, Saki hugs him tearfully and tells him she'd like to create the future with him, as well as bear his child. Shun appears before Satoru as well, and scolds Satoru for dragging Shun along, even after his death. Satoru, realizing his mistake, promises Shun that he will ensure Saki's happiness. [15]
Two years after the tragedy, Saki and Satoru get officially married to each other, and expect their first child after eight more years following. Saki wonders if "they [humanity] can change". Satoru reassures her; each holding onto their unborn child who symbolizes their hope and faith for the future. [16]

Important Moments

  • Trapped Together: The two are trapped by the monster rats and struggle together to find a way to shore, and back to their village.[17]
  • Duty Pair: Saki describes a duty pair as a public declaration of love; Saki and Satoru become a duty pair after discovering Ryou's ruse.[18] Initially, Saki was going to write down Ryou's name to nominate him to be her duty partner. However, when she decides not to, Satoru is shown to be relieved.
  • Building the Future Together: Thanks to Shun, Saki realizes that Satoru is the most important person to her. She later reveals to Satoru that she would like to have a child with him, and build the future together.[19][20] This scene is absent in the anime.
  • Marriage: Saki and Satoru do officially get married to each other at the end of the story in each media of the series, as they have grown to feel genuine love for each other over the years. While it does only get mentioned during one of Saki's monologues in the manga, the anime and novel both contain an actual scene dedicated to their marriage, although it is kept short.[1]

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