Saki and Shun
Included Characters
Saki Watanabe Shun Aonuma
Status Confirmed
Relationship None
Appearance Novel, Anime, Manga

Saki and Shun is a pairing including Saki Watanabe and Shun Aonuma, which makes an official appearance in the novel, anime and manga of Shin Sekai Yori. It has been confirmed to be a canon two-sided love without an official relationship in all media.[1][2]


In the anime version, it is both implicitly and explicitly shown that Saki’s feeling for Shun was always mutual from the time they were children until Shun’s death. During their time as a child, this can be seen from how Shun always took Saki’s side, how he always tried to protect her, and how he gave Saki’s questions first to the captured library creature. Shun even held Saki’s hand during their time together in the small boat. It also can be seen from the flashback when Shun departed the village that they were so close as a child, they often visited one another and he took little Subaru to see Saki in her house. As the time goes by, Shun had a homosexual relationship with Satoru due to their Bonobo apes nature explained earlier (and also the authority) yet it still can be seen that Shun’s heart is still for Saki. After he became a karma demon, he distanced himself from everyone, but before disappearing, Shun gave Saki a collar he made to defend against the Tainted Cats. Saki managed to find him after he disappeared from school . During Shun and Saki’s time in the shack after he isolated himself from the village due to being a karma demon, Shun indirectly said that he loved Saki by telling her to go because he doesn’t want any of people that he loved to get hurt anymore. Shun’s feeling for Saki is finally confirmed when he sent away Saki in a bubble while destroying the shack along with himself while genuinely saying ‘I’ve always loved you’ with tears on his eyes. Later he appeared in Saki's dreams as a faceless boy. Saki finally remembered his name and face in Tokyo, and he helped Saki realise the true nature of the Fiend. In the manga, Shun fell in love with Saki due to their common desire to leave the Holy Barrier and despite their mutual feelings, Shun eventually pushed Saki to realize her feelings for Satoru after his death.

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