Satoru Asahina




Kanji 朝比奈 覚
Rōmaji Asahina Satoru
Age 12 / 14 / 26 / 36 Years
Gender Male
Species Human
Occupation Student (Formerly)
Mantra Ākāśagarbha Bodhisattva[1]
Status Alive
Voice Actors
Japanese Kanako Tōjō (12 Years)
Yūki Kaji (14, 26 & 36 Years)
English Greg Ayres
First Appearance
Anime Episode 01: The Season of New Leaves
Manga 01. Season of the Young Leaves

Satoru Asahina (朝比奈 覚 Asahina Satoru) is one of the five main characters, and the only character beside Saki to appear after the age of fourteen years. He is part of Group One in Sage Academy and the ninth-generation grandson of Tomiko Asahina.


At the age of twelve years, Satoru is an average looking boy with messy, light brown hair and violet eyes. As clothing, he wears the common school uniform of Sage Academy, which consists of a beige vest with a blue seam, a purple bow tied over the midsection and four blue buttons on the stomach area of the vest, though the upper right of these buttons on Satoru's attire is usually hidden by a corner of the clothing folding down on it. Additionally, he wears pants in the same color as the seam, with a single white line on the bottom of each side - although Satoru has those rolled up to shorten his pants - as well as fitting shoes combined with white and blue socks. A yellow patch on his left sleeve denotes his group number. Furthermore, Satoru wears a bracelet with three small pearls around his right ankle, in red, green and yellow.[2]

Not much has changed about his appearance at the age of fourteen years, the only differences being a raise in height and broader shoulders. He is still wearing the same uniform he has been wearing at the age of twelve years.[3]


Satoru is an energetic, lively and happy person overall, full of stories and pranks. He usually disagrees and fights with Saki Watanabe during their younger years, and always questions Shun as to why he keeps taking Saki's side during their disagreements. However, behind their petty quarrels, Saki and Satoru are very close. He always put the safety of others first, especially Saki's, before his own, one example being a time during the summer camp incident, when Satoru does his best to protect and comfort Saki, even though both their Canti are sealed.

When Satoru experiences the loss of his friends at the age of fourteen, he matures quickly and argues less with Saki. On the contrary, he shows constant concern for her well-being during the search for Maria Akizuki and Mamoru Itou.[4][5]</nowiki>

At the age of twenty-six, he has considerably become much calmer than he had been at twelve. He has graduated from Sage Academy among the top three in Cantus at the age of twenty, and opted to work on genetics at Lotus Farms. His specialty in Cantus was light manipulation.

Satoru is shown to be incredibly quick-witted and intelligent, which can be seen during the war with the queerats, as well as the time when he and Saki are attempting to return home during their summer camp incident. Satoru is able to make solid and calm judgement, even while facing adversity. During the war with the queerats, when Satoru and Saki join in groups of five, Satoru shows admirable leadership skills and the others rely on him to give directions and point out the possible whereabouts of the enemy.

He marries Saki at the age of twenty-eight.[6] By the age of thirty-six, he has become the head of Lotus Farms and is in charge of breeding Tainted Cats at the end of the series. Like Saki, Satoru believes that the future will be better due to his scientist background and belief in constant progress.[6]


  • "We cant allow them to control our thoughts and memories forever." - Source Unknown


  • Satoru's mantra is the mantra of the Ākāśagarbha Bodhisattva, which is spoken "Nōbō akyasha kyarabaya on arikya mari bori sowaka" in Japanese.[1][7]
  • In the novel, Satoru's first person pronoun is boku (僕). The anime changed it to ore (俺), a pronoun that conveys a rougher and more assertive image.[8]
  • In the manga, Satoru and Shun Aonuma do not have any romantic relationship, although it is canon in the novel and anime.

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