Satoru and Shun
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Included Characters
Satoru Asahina Shun Aonuma
Status Confirmed
Relationship Boyfriends (Formerly)[1]
Appearance Novel, Anime

Satoru and Shun is a pairing including Satoru Asahina and Shun Aonuma, which makes an official appearance in the novel and anime of Shin Sekai Yori, but does not exist in the manga version. It has been confirmed to be a canon one-sided love from Satoru's, and physical attraction from Shun's side, with an official relationship in novel and anime.[1][2]


Important Moments


  • While in the anime, Satoru and Shun are only seen kissing each other, the novel mentions that the two of them frequently have sex with each other.[2]


Satoru: "I know it's my fault. Please..."
Shun: "Your fault? For what?"
Satoru: "I..."
Shun: "Satoru, isn't it time to end this farce of a romance? I've had enough of being your doll."
Satoru: "O-oh. I understand. From now on..."
Shun: "You don't understand anything. Having you follow me around the clock is suffocating. I want to be alone. So we should go our separate ways from now on. Goodbye."
—Shun breaking up with Satoru Part III: Chapter 01

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