Shisei Kaburagi
Kanji 鏑木 肆星
Rōmaji Kaburagi Shisei
Gender Male
Species Human
Occupation Security Council Advisor
Status Deceased
Voice Actors
Japanese Takanori Hoshino
English David Matranga
First Appearance
Anime Episode 08: Omen

Shisei Kaburagi (鏑木 肆星 Kaburagi Shisei), born under the name Shiboshi (四星 Shiboshi)[1], is the adviser of the Security Council, as well as the village's exorcist and strongest telekinesis user.


Shisei is commonly seen wearing hooded masks. Beneath these mask, he has brown gray-brown hair, as well as large, almond-shaped eyes that shine with a clear light, featuring two pupils in each eye, each surrounded by a golden iris that glitter in the darkness, capable of detecting and dispelling attacks in all directions.[1]



  • Shisei's double pupils are a genetic trait passed down through the Kaburagi bloodline, and are said to be proof of the family’s extraordinary powers.[1]
  • His true name was revealed to be Shiboshi (肆星), which translates to "Four Stars".
    • Part of his name, 肆 ("si"), has similar pronunciation as four (四, "si"). Four (四) has the connotation of to kill since it is a homophone with the Japanese character for death, 死 (si).[1]


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