Squealer / Yakomaru



Kanji スクィーラ / 野狐丸
Rōmaji Sukwīra / Yakomaru
Gender Male
Species Monster Rat
Occupation Robber Fly Colony Member (Formerly)
Robber Fly Colony Commander
Status Deceased
Voice Actors
Japanese Daisuke Namikawa
English John Kaiser
First Appearance
Anime N/A

Squealer (スクィーラ Sukwīra), also known as Yakomaru (野狐丸 Yakomaru) is a Monster Rat. He is a member of the Robber Fly colony, and later becomes their commander.


As Yakomaru, he is wearing a hooded fur coat and riveted leather armor, as well as a whistle that hangs around his neck and serves the purpose of calling together his soldiers.[1]


At the start, Squealer is a lowly member of the Robber Fly colony who once offered help to Saki and Satoru. He eventually attains knowledge and gains political clout to become the supreme commander of the Robber Fly colony bestowed with a new name "Yakomaru," though he personally prefers his less dignified name "Squealer," while exhibiting a Machiavellian nature. Despite being a weak and small colony initially, the Robber Fly colony has grown to rival that of the Giant Hornets' after the second timeskip. He appears to be faithful to the humans in the beginning but it is revealed later that he had plans to wipe out the human population to liberate the Monster Rats. His grand mission is thwarted by Saki and is sentenced to 'Eternal Hell', a punishment worse than death. Saki eventually and secretly gives him a merciful death in the end.



Yakomaru: "We swear absolute loyalty to the colony and the queen. But we are not tools to be discarded. We are second in intelligence only to the gods of this planet, and are unlike other social animals such as ants or bees. And so, based on this belief, all who worried for the future of our colony gathered of their own volition and formed a union."
Satoru: "An union?"
Yakomaru: "Yes. It was necessary to negotiate with the queen to preserve our most basic rights. But the queen was enraged. She regarded our actions as an act of treason... There were a number of complications, and it was with great reluctance we chose this path."
Satoru: "This path... you joined forces and completely crippled her. Wouldn't it have been better just to kill her?"
Yakomaru: "No. We did not wish to completely destroy her mental faculties. We only performed a frontal lobe lobotomy. After the surgery, her aggressiveness declined greatly and she became submissive. She continues to bear children and contribute to the growth of the colony. I’m sure the queen herself is much happier like this compared to when she was trapped by her mental illness. …however, since it was our first time performing the procedure, there were several complications with regards to hygiene. Shortly afterward, she began suffering from encephalitis and her mental functions declined considerably."
Saki: "That's terrible…"
Yakomaru: "It is natural to think that, I suppose. How regrettable. Should not all intelligent individuals be given equal rights? That is what I read in the books of the gods. It is the core principle of democracy."
—Conversation about the dethronement of the Robber Fly queen (Part IV: Chapter 05)

Quotes about Squealer:

  • "I can’t remember feeling this much hatred for anything since that fiend, K. These despicable queerats, especially Yakomaru, are going to pay for what they've done. I vow to subject him to agony no living being has ever suffered as he dies a slow, protracted death." - Tomiko Asahina about Yakomaru (Part V: Chapter 03)

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