He tried to save me. Despite how futile it was. I tried to leave him behind so many times. But he kept following me. ...No, perhaps I was the lonely one. I'd be all alone without Subaru.

—Shun after Subaru tried to save him, Episode 10: More Than Darkness




Rōmaji Subaru
Gender Male
Species Bulldog (Dog)
Status Deceased[1]
Voice Actors
First Appearance
Novel Part I: Chapter 01
Anime Episode 08: Omen

Subaru is the pet dog of Shun Aonuma.


Subaru is a male bulldog. He has short legs, a stout body, and a wrinkly face. Right in the middle of his squashed snout there is an upturned nose.[2]

Biography & Plot

Shun always took care of Subaru as a surrogate mother. Since Subaru could not walk very quickly and got tired easily, Shun could not bring him everywhere he went, but once in a while they could be seen taking a walk together, whereas it apparently was a funny contrast seeing Shun striding with his long, slender legs and Subaru trotting on his stout little legs to keep up.[2]


After Shun's disappearance, Subaru follows him as his faithful companion, despite Shun trying to leave him behind several times. When one of the Impure Cats comes to dispose of Shun, who had failed to commit suicide by taking the pills given to him, Subaru attacks the cat to defend his owner, and is killed during his attack.[1]


  • Subaru was born during a cold winter night. It was a difficult birth, and the mother, along with the rest of the litter, died. The one living puppy remaining was named Subaru under the starry sky. The name was inspired by "the star Subaru" in Sei Shonagon's The Pillow Book, which refers to the constellation Pleiades. The name comes from the fact that there are many stars united into one image.[2]
  • Most dogs in Kamisu 66 are purebred Japanese dogs, with perked ears and curly tails, while bulldogs like Subaru are rare and almost extinct.[2]
    • Saki revealed that all of the books containing information about bulldogs that she found in the ruins of the library were labeled as class three, "possibly dangerous, handle with caution", and forbidden to the general public, and Satoru said that one book he had read stated that bulldogs were created in ancient England to fight bulls. They therefore figured there might have been a connection with the humans' own aggressive instincts, which could have been the reasons bulldogs and the books about them were eventually banned.[2]


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