The Temple of Purity is a complex of buildings located outside of Kamisu 66's holy barrier. It is the place where every child in Kamisu 66 who has been visited by the "Spirit of Blessing" (i.e. awaken their Cantus) is sent to undergo a ceremony spanning several days and nights to seal their Cantus and be bestowed their Mantra. This is part of their graduation of their respective schools, after which they enroll into Sage Academy.

Head Priest Mushin is the main instructor for these rituals, Rijin is a high priest of this temple, and Jakujou is the head monk of the administrative section.


The Temple is three hours upstream from Kamisu 66 by houseboat, far enough that the "Going Home" tune played in the evenings around Kamisu 66 isn't audible. The temple is built in the prevalent traditional style. The harbour and entrance is sufficiently covered so that it's hard to view the surroundings. One hall in the temple, where the rituals took place, contains a large hearth and the flames play a big role in the rituals.[1]


Season of New Leaves

When Saki Watanabe's Cantus awoke, she was promptly escorted by the Board of Education, represented by three of its members, into a windowless houseboat, and she was given a bowl of "medicine" that made her head go blank.
When she arrived to the temple, she was made to wait for hours, sitting in a lotus position. After Head Priest Mushin arrived, he greeted Saki, and soon the two move to the ceremony hall. He first gave Saki a sermon on the Golden Rule, after which he gave a demonstration to Saki by stabbing himself in the stomach, convincing Saki that she was making him suffer. Satisfied that Saki displayed the proper responses, he revealed the trick he had played – the knife blade was retractable into the handle.
The ceremony continued with monks throwing things into the flames and chanting around her. Saki changed into a white clothes described as looking like a "corpse's dress". Mushin instructed Saki to control the flames, which she managed with great difficulty. She was then instructed to control a paper emblem shaped like a human placed in front of her. As the emblem stood from the power of her Cantus, Mushin proclaimed that Saki's desire - her Cantus - has been sealed. Six needles flew and stabbed the figure, and the emblem was cast into the flames. She was then no longer able to control the flames. Mushin then whispered to Saki her Mantra.
The ceremony continued afterwards for some time, and afterwards Saki was given a day of rest where she slept. Another day was spent with the priests before she was allowed to return to Kamisu 66.[1]


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