Tiger Crab
Kanji トラバサミ
Rōmaji Torabasami
First Appearance
Anime 03. The False Minoshiro
Novel N/A

Tiger Crab (トラバサミ Torabasami) is one of the in-world creatures of Shin Sekai Yori. They make an appearance in the novel and anime.


Tiger crabs are members of the family of carnivorous crabs. Usually, they lurk for prey in the shallows and riverbed. They use a hard shell and powerful scissors, which can be used to kill even the largest prey. Therefore, individuals as big as one meter are not uncommon.[1]
They are ferocious carnivores descended from the swimming crab, with sharp, diamond-shaped shells forty-five to a hundred-twenty centimeters wide, colored to blend in with the sand, large pincers, three spikes on their heads, and serrated edges on the front of their shells. Their back legs are useful for swimming as well as for burrowing into the sand.
Tiger crabs are capable of jumping up to two meters straight up out of the sand in order to catch their prey. They are common around Hasaki beach, but can also be found in meadows, forests, and mountains. They eat everything from frogs, lizards, snakes, and small mammals to sea birds, beached dolphins, whales and other sea creatures. Their heavy shells are nearly impenetrable, though when tiger crabs meet, they often fight to the death, and cannibalism is common. Despite their vicious nature, they are not considered a threat to humans. They commonly prey on Minoshiros.


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