A wikian without a wiki, looking for a wiki without wikians.


Hello! I'm one of the newfound fans of Shinsekai Yori. The series have pretty much shot itself up from obscurity to #2 spot of my top 5 Japanese series. Good work, Kishi-sensei!

I've been editing wikis for like 4 years now and subsequently quite well-versed in CSS, JS, templating and the like. I have several ideas that I want to put forth for the betterment of this wiki. I'll keep you guys posted in the forums.

Fandom tidbits:

Favourite character
Watanabe Saki
Best place in Kasumi 66
Tone River
Most terrifying creature
Favourite PK niche
Asahina Tomiko's telomer restoration
Best ship
Let's not go into this... :P
Most heroic
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