Hello, my fellow wiki contributors,
As most of you probably do not know; This wikia unfortunately used to have only one active admin, who was the founder. However, this admin has not been active on here for almost two years and the wiki has no actively editing users beside me nowadays. Also, there was barely information on the existing articles, which is a shame. Since this wiki could need lots of information and design updates, deletion of unneeded redirects or former, false named pages and other important updates, such as proper direct links in the wikia navigation, an addition of a Forum, Badges, Article Comments, Message Walls and Category Exhibition, as well as an unique theme design, I thought it would be a good idea to adopt this wikia.
The rules for an adoption, however, require that all actively editing users need to agree with me adopting it first. Although there do not seem to be any at the moment, I would like to get sure in case I am mistaken, so please leave a comment.

What does this mean? - It would mean that I would receive administrator rights and would be able to organize the wiki's design. I would add a background, fitting to the Shin Sekai Yori series, as well as adding the features I mentioned above, and keep an eye on trolls, who come here to violate our articles or remove important edits for fun.

I can assure that I am an active member of this wiki, although I only started to edit it about 11 days ago. I am planning to spend my time on here for much longer, since I am a huge fan of the series - novel, as well as manga and anime - and would like to add summaries, trivia information and pictures, to turn this wiki into a large database for Shin Sekai Yori. I have been admin on two other wikias for a long time, and I understand a lot of templates and article editing as well.

Let's work together and hope for a successful future on this wiki :)

Edit: The wiki has been successfully adopted!

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