Yuu Tatebe
Species Human
Occupation Ethics Committee Member[1]
Lotus Farm (Genetic modification laboratory) Worker[2]
Status Unknown
Voice Actors
Japanese N/A
First Appearance
Novel Part III: Chapter 02

Yuu Tatebe is a minor character in the Shin Sekai Yori series. They do make no actual appearance and are only mentioned by name twice in the novel.


Yuu is known to be a member of the Ethics Committee, as well as a powerful cantus user who is able to control genes and create animals from their imagination, just like Shisei Kaburagi and Koufuu Hino[1]. They are also later known to be a co-worker of Satoru.[2]


Quotes about Yuu:

  • "Yeah! I’ve heard stories too. Geniuses like Shisei Kaburagi, Koufuu Hino, and Yuu Tatebe can control genes and create animals from their imagination. I wouldn’t be surprised if that weird bee over there were watching us right now." - Satoru Asahina about Yuu (Part III: Chapter 02)
  • "'He had been in the top three in our class in both cantus and academics, and had gotten offers from multiple studios. He could have entrusted his future to the lottery, but instead he chose to work at the Lotus Farms. There was a system in place for public institutions that let him nominate where he wanted to work. Like me, his choice came as very unexpected. But after seeing him do research at the genetic modification lab with Yuu Tatebe, who apparently no one wanted to work with, I couldn't help but think that he had made the right choice." - Saki Watanabe's narration about Satoru and Yuu. (Part V: Chapter 01)


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